Episode 2 (Ghost Hunters Part 2 of 2)

Adventure Men: Episode 2: Ghost Hunters part 2/2 (catchy huh?)

The second episode is now online!! At the time of writing this, it’s only on YouTube but it’ll be distributed soon enough, and the YouTube one is in glorious internet compressed HD!

They’ve done their daytime walk round, and as we know, Ross certainly got the heebie-jeebies, was it all for nothing or will Randy Rimmer show his ghostly face???

Available in HD on YouTube and Vimeo.

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1 Response to “Episode 2 (Ghost Hunters Part 2 of 2)”

  1. 1 Andrew Congdon October 23, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Hi Adventure Men, I am a producer for a webshow called Sometimesdaily with Amanda Congdon, today we posted an episode asking people on the street “do you believe in ghosts?”

    To illustrate the popularity of ghost-hunting shows we used a clip from your episode on ghost-hunting (2/2) we found on archive.org. Unfortunately, we mistook your creative commons license for strictly attribution, when in fact it is non-derivative as well. Do you think we could have your permission to use that clip? We’ve linked to your blog below the video and would love to keep the segment in the episode, but we understand either way. I can be reached by email at andrew@sometimesdaily.com or simply by a follow up comment here. Thanks for your time,


    Andrew Congdon
    Producer – Sometimesdaily.com

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