Ross from Adventure MenHi. I’m Ross. An Adventure Man. I like to think that there is nothing I cannot accomplish apart from the following things: Drink gone off milk. Sleep with Sue Barker with Ali Mcoist watching or listen to any music by Soulja Boy. I look fear in the face for breakfast and I don’t think you could ask anything of me that would be too much – apart from the aforementioned (I’d probably just about do Barker if someone was to put a towel over Mcoist’s head and made sure he didn’t speak or crack a joke). Ever since I was little i’ve wanted adventure in my loins and now I am in a position to fulfil that dream; the beauty is that you can hop on my back and ride me through this journey by following Adventure Men. Stay strong and keep it A.M! Peace

Simon of Adventure MenI’m Simon from Adventure Men. I’m quite tall at 6ft and I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair although this changes to brown in the winter. I see myself as the brains behind Adventure Men to the Ross’s brawn and together we make a formidable pair of duo’s and that.  People always come upto me in the street and say how much they like me and wish to be me…….well, when you see me in the up and coming Adventure Men series, they will still really like me but by god they won’t want to be me anymore. Lets just say that we will be putting ourselves in the kind of situations that would have messers Fogle and Boorman taking a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and probably thinking that they should retire to their over priviledged bosom of a family. Aside from putting my life on the line in the name of charity and entertainment, or Charitainment as it is also known, I excel at kissing, seduction and clothes so all in all, I’m a great catch. I’m especially keen to establish a female fan base which I can exploit at my convienience at award ceremonies and charity fundraisers but anything more than that would be a bonus. My tendancy to suffer from fatigue has been well documented in the past and I am the first to hold my hands up and say ”Yes” but if you knew just how fast my mind works, you’d understand why I get so tired and emotional. All I can say is that I crave the challenge and attention that Adventure Men brings and as long as I get my eight hours sleep time as well as a power nap at about 2pm, you will find me just behind Ross, pushing the boundaries of human endevour. Bye for now!

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