The Adventure Men need YOU!

We need your help, to spread the word about Adventure Men and there are many ways you can do that already; follow @AdventureMen on Twitter and re-tweet the stuff you like, favourite and share our videos on your preferred video hosting site. Digg our content and thumbs it up on stumbleupon. Literally just TELL people, walk up to random strangers in the street and say “Have you seen Adventure Men online, not that weird Christian thing, the popular comedy web series?…No?…Well then you should check it out!”

We’re working on a lot of stuff at the mo, mainly getting some video actually online!! But we’ll also be producing some lovely banners, buttons, and downloadable promo material to be spread liberally over the web and world.

Make sure you rate the videos (if you like them of course, if you think they’re shite, it’s pretty obvious that you keep that to yourself, or just tell us in private), be it stars or likes/loves/thumbs whatever.

You could also become a fan, by visiting our Facebook page, we’re also on the lookout for any potential Adventures or any other ideas you could suggest, so please do add them to the discussions on Facebook or even email us directly at

Thanks and all the best for your future endeavours.

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