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Enter The Pysche Of An Adventure Man

Hi there listeners and welcome to the premier of my (Simon) blogs.  In future blogs, you can read on the goings on in the crazy world of Adventure Men.   

Being my first ever blog writing experience I must admit that this is all a bit strange. I can only liken this to standing in a vast expansive field perhaps and speaking to myself, whispering even, hoping that a few insects might take interest at first and start to buzz around me, followed by some friendly non-disease carrying rodents and then maybe a herd of cattle amble up towards me and stare in that way that only cattle can.

This laboured metaphor continues in a similar vein to a point where the local village all arrive to hear me speak in this field,  perhaps bring a picnic  and hang on my every word. I don’t expect this to be the case. Whats more likely is that an angry, over-worked and under-paid dairy farmer hurls a tirade of non-sensical, undecipherable verbal abuse at me, sets his two rabid dogs onto me and then feeds me to his children. Or worse, Jeremy Clarkson decides to indulge his deluded belief that he can drive his car anywhere he likes and he ploughs into me in a Range Rover whilst listening to Phil Collins and eating a Peperami. The very thought of which chills me to the bones, so much so that I need a lie down. 

However, I will soldier on in true Adventure Man fashion and to hell with the consequences! Keep it Adventure, keep it Men, keep it Adventure Men.

What does it take to be Adventure Men?

Let’s attempt to find out with our first short video chat with the Adventure Men.

Watch in HD on YouTube or Vimeo

More of these on the way as well as the full episodes of Adventure Men, available here or on your favourite video/social site (if it’s not, then let us know!!)

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First promo photos!

Fresh from filming our first adventure, we also managed to get together some rather snazzy promotional photos (oh yes!), they’re embedded after the jump for your delectation, and available on flickr, in higher res.

Feel free to send them to your friends, press agencies, government departments and support groups and look out for tasty morsels in the form of some short videos, leading up to our first official adventure…

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A new Adventure

For all intents and purposes, this may as well be a crappy “Under Construction” page, but the fact remains that we are in the process of putting everything together for the imminent launch of Adventure Men.

We do our first lot of filming on Tuesday 28th July 2009, so expect a flurry of posts, video and photos from then onwards.

In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to here for updates as well as our twitter feed. @AdventureMen

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