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No Biggy…

I’m not sure how much i’m allowed to say about the forthcoming adventure as there appears to be an air of secrecy surrounding our next mission – all I will say though is that when we get dumped in the middle of this dense, deep jungle and are expected to live off our wits, determination and kendal mint cake whilst we find our way out then I’m the man for the job! I’ve seen these so-called survivor shows where the likes of Bear Grilled eats worms and livestock and quite frankly I was doing that for kicks as a four year old in my rockery at home. I’ll do whatever it takes to survive and if that means chewing worms, swallowing caterpillars or even if i’m forced into a situation where I have to gobble Simon, I’ll do it.

Bear Grilled eating a penis

I have learnt a lot about navigation over the years: i’ve played a lot of Call of Duty and been able to read the compass that you get; I’ve spent years following people on the streets for hours sometimes – tracking where they are going, what they are up to and where they live – sometimes my skilled tracking ability even means I get to see what they wear and sometimes even what they take off and I can find my way out of their house when it gets close to day light without being seen. What I will say though is that you could limit all my options in terms of technology and I could navigate using water dividers, broken branches and the mere sight of the sun.

Bring it on wilderness, you don’t stand a chance! Ross

Ross’ Thoughts on Simon’s Thoughts…

Randy Rimmer was in that building! You can listen to Simon nonchalantly pass it all off as camera trickery, tricks of the light or with tales of Susan Tully taking a shit, but ol’ Randers, as I have been referring to him since my indisputable encounter, was hovering around me at various times during our visit to The Fitzwalter Arms in our ground breaking investigation – Ghost Hunters. When lined up in the top room if you looked out of those windows you could see the graveyard and there was a small crack in one of the panes – I am convinced that an enraged spirit must have shot out of the graveyard and through the pane with such force that it left said crack. Since the visit and the publishing of part one of my investigative film I have had such a fantastic response from the super natural community that it has overwhelmed me a little. Take this as an example, I noted my feelings about my experience under a video on a video internet featuring Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah about my encounter with Randers and a youthful budding ghost buster left a comment underneath mine that read “U a frikkin cokk byyytch buk buk,” He must be French and while I don’t read French, reading between the lines as I can, I’m sure he enjoyed sharing my experience whilst on the internet google sites. So warmly received.

Timothy knew the truth just like I do.

Timothy knew the truth just like I do.

Besides, my proof only adds to the thousands of years worth of evidence that has gone before. Shows like Rentaghost or computer games like Ghouls & Ghosts from years past weren’t based on myth, they were based on fact – people didn’t conjure up Timothy Claypole in a board room thinking up ideas for kids shows – someone met a ghost jester somewhere! Put it this way, it wasn’t long ago that people didn’t believe in lobsters and let’s face it who can blame them: orange, pincer claws – they even live under water, but they broke through into the mainstream and you would start seeing them about and then it was like BLAM – Lobster Culture! People are going to see this video and the truth and then it will be like BLAM – Lobster Culture AND Ghost Culture! Keep it AM.

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