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Facebook EXCLUSIVE!!

Did you know we have a page on Facebook entirely devoted to us, the Adventure Men?? Well we do!! And to celebrate that fact, we’ve uploaded a short video of Ross explaining exactly what a ghost really is and where they come from! More facts!

So pop on over for a watch (in glorious High Definition no less!) and become a fan for more wonderful Adventure Men stuff!!

Adventure Men Facebook Fan Page

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YES!! At last, the first full episode of Adventure Men is now online, all over the entire world!! (Unless you’re geo-blocked, in which case that sucks, so let us know!!)

For the Adventure Men‘s first…adventure… they could go anywhere, they’ve the entire world at they’re very tongue tips, they chose… the afterlife.

So without further ado… here it is!

Also available in HD on YouTube and Vimeo, or you could subscribe in iTunes. If these ain’t for you, check the show page where you can find Adventure Men on your favourite site.

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